Make Raw Pasta with a Spirooli

New and Essential Spiralizer

Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable Slicer

spirooliMake raw pasta with a spirooli. Now is the best time to get one. I just saw this on Amazon for $19.99 (a $20 savings)  and if you have prime, you get free shipping too. Get a couple as gifts. People will love this gadget.

While you’re checking out the spirooli, take a look at the World Cuisine tri-blade slicer. It looks the same but is more money. Some say it’s much better. Let me know your thoughts.


I’m reviving my Thriving Raw FB Page – Please “LIKE”

Click here for Facebook Page
Click here for Facebook Page

It’s been a while and I’ve decided to revive my Facebook page for Thriving Raw. I hope you will ‘Like” it and pass it along to others.

What I plan to do with this page is be a hub for other Raw Foodies. Recipes, products and uplifting resources and information. I don’t plan on this being a site for activism or preaching. It’s a lighthearted page. So if you want to be a part of it, click here to join. thanks


This book changed my life

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This book changed my life – even though I may not stay raw, I may not always follow this plan – this book changed the way I look at the ideal way for my body to look and feel great. If you want to learn more about the 80/10/10 then you’ll want to read this book by Dr Douglas Graham who trained athletes with this philosophy.





Off the Raw Wagon and Still Committed – Why Don’t we STAY Raw?

Off the Raw Wagon and Still Committed – Why Don’t we STAY Raw?

I haven’t written in this blog for a LONG time. Partly because I have moved a few times and had a few life shifts in the past 2 years but mostly because I have only been raw intermittently.

Who am I to write a blog on Thriving Raw when I am still eating macaroni and cheese? Well, that’s what I thought until recently, when I joined a writers group ( In this group we support each other’s passion to write – whatever that passion is. And thanks to Cindy and other members of the group, I am back to writing this blog. Apparently there may be others like me out there.

Are you struggling to be raw? Do you want to learn more about raw foods? Could you benefit from someone else who is passionate about raw foodism and yet becomes challenged by it due to social pressure, personal and cultural nudges, time restraints as well as financial limitations?

Well, if this applies to you, let’s get started. I will write here to meet the needs of those who are raw wannabee’s and need a place to ask questions and get strength from others who are going through the same situation. Write me, let me know what you want to see here and we can talk about it. OK?
What I really want to know are those reasons you don’t stay raw and the reasons you do. Help us all out here!

You can comment at the end of this blog – which is preferred so others can benefit from what is discussed. Or you can email me at

Remember to eat one raw today!


Raw Tawk

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Raw Tawk

When conversations about eating come up, and it always does, it can be quite challenging for a new raw foodist.

After all, we may still be on the fence about whether we want to stay raw, or be more raw than we are. And when talk of pizza night comes up, we may find ourselves fantasizing about what we will have. Or we affirm we will stay raw but at the first glance of something yummy, we dart at it like we’ve not eaten in a year.

Even though we know we are feeling so much better because of the way we are eating, lets face it, those foods are part of our past and very enjoyable. There are a few things you can do to keep yourself from be diverted at these times. It will take something on your part but eventually, you will begin to find that you are no longer victim to the foods placed before you.

1. Keep a balanced food plan – when you are eating the foods you love, most likely you won’t be craving much when you are exposed to the cooked foods. So enjoy sweet foods, salty foods, fatty foods – until your body begins to feel balanced and satiated.
2. Plan ahead – bring food for yourself or others to eat at the event. It’s OK to bring raw brownies and a large salad for yourself. Just be prepared to attract the interest of others.
3. Eat before you go – This helps a lot. Having a nice green smoothie will fill you up and help you resist that urgent need to eat something.
4. Request that something raw be served – Ask ahead about the menu. Many people are more than willing to serve a veggie platter or fruit salad.
5. RAW TAWK – (raw talk) most important, let people know what you are up to and why. Begin engaging conversation that not only will keep you present to why you are raw but it will more than likely help someone else.

Being out in the open and talking about your new lifestyle is a huge contributor to staying raw. Talk about it, write about it, share it, socialize around it and most of all be proud of it

Thank you for keeping ME raw!

Happy Wednesday

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eat 1 raw

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When was the last time you ate a raw meal? A salad? A fruit plate? A green smoothie?
Many people go weeks or more without ever having raw food at all so much as having a raw meal. Then we wonder why we suffer from aches, pains, constipation, illness, lethargy and more.

Thriving Raw is beginning a movement (pun intended) to inspire 1,000,000 junk food junkies to eat at least one raw meal per day. It’s called eat 1 raw. Would you like to help? Chances are you have someone in your life who would benefit from this. And who knows, maybe it could snowball into TWO raw meals per day!

The idea is to introduce raw foods to those who eat processed food that depletes them. Let’s make a difference by gently (keyword – gently) suggesting to those you care about that one raw meal could make a difference in their well being, their mood and so much more. Make something for them if you’d like.

The next time you go to a social event bring a raw dish instead of cake. (oh my, this would have upset me – no cake?). Start at home by making sure there is a salad at one meal per day. Even if it’s combined with your regular meal.

Raw foods have become so sophisticated. Gourmet raw foods include a version of almost all your favorite foods including pizza, bread, meatballs and cheesecake. You won’t be deprived. So consider exploring the world of raw food for yourself and for your friends and family who may need your love & support.

Since this is a new campaign I am looking for support myself. Please send comments, stories and ideas. I welcome them all!

Thank you for keeping me raw!

Happy Tuesday


PS. I created eat 1 raw products to support this campaign. Click HERE to access all of my products.